The 2002 – 2006 Regional Development Programme of Ljubljana Urban Region

In the first stage of the preparation of the Regional Development Programme for the Ljubljana Urban Region, we prepared a proposal of the vision and strategies along with the objectives of the region’s development. The proposal of the strategic part of the Regional Development Programme was prepared on the basis of several workshops. The concept involves common development programmes of the interest region south of the city of Ljubljana and of the so-called Entrepreneurial Region (north of the city of Ljubljana) as well as numerous municipality development programmes.

Compared to other regions, Ljubljana Urban Region has three competitive advantages more developed, which ought to be used more efficiently also in future and be made the pillars of the Region’s competitiveness:

  1. Slovenian linguistic and cultural originality and its dialectal diversity as a model European uniqueness.
Ljubljana Urban Region has a special edge. Being the centre of a young European country that is based on the Slovenian language and culture, the Region shows its European competitiveness foremost on behalf of its linguistic and cultural originality.
  2. European and world renowned cultural establishments and events
    There are several cultural organisations and events in the Region, which can be ranked among the best in Europe and the world. These will in future have to be given a special status, as they promote the Region and with related activities allow the creation of a considerable added value in the economy.
  3. The most preserved ecological network
By preserving its network of nature, settlement, and infrastructure, the Region can provide a quality living environment for the development of all activities, from public to economic ones.  

Cooperation in the Region is the first proposed Region’s priority by the end of the 2006 programme period. Other priorities are: provision of accessibility of the city and Region’s services to all population groups with the development of public transport, the Internet, communal infrastructure, public services, and services for the quality of life; education for the future, opening to the world, where we will try to actively involve the Region and its European capital in the European integration processes and thus open the doors to the entire Region and the State; and the formation of the ecological network of natural areas and their protection, which will allow us in long term to make the best of the nature’s quality and resources, this being one of the Region’s key development advantages.  

The Regional Development Programme has 17 sub-programmes, which encompass the Region’s development into the conurbation, the creativity of people and successful companies, and the Region’s visibility in the world.

Regional Development Programme for LUR for the 2002 – 2006 period (extract)

Regional Development Programme for LUR for the 2002 – 2006 period – 18 February 2002


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