Expert Groundwork for the Preparation of the Regional Spatial Plan

Project Title

Expert Groundwork for the Preparation of the Regional Spatial Plan

Brief Description of Project

The purpose of the project is to prepare a comprehensive analysis and its components, analysis of events according to each area in the region and defining different spatial planning scenarios and solutions in the form of spatial systems. The metropolitan European region of growth for Ljubljana will also be taken into consideration during the preparation of plans for spatial systems in addition to the regional development programs for neighbouring regions (Gorenjska, Northern Primorska, Notranjska - Karst, Savinjska, Southeast Slovenia, Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Veneto).

Key Activities of the Project

Name of Beneficiary

Regional Development Agency of Ljubljana Urban Region


  • Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia, with partners:

  • The Jožef Stefan Institute,

  • PNZ Consulting and Project Engineering d.o.o.,

  • Department of Landscape Architecture at the Biotechnical Faculty of the University of Ljubljana,


  • OIKOS d.o.o.

Immediate Project Group

  • Miran Gajšek, MA, Project Manager - Municipality of Ljubljana
  • Lilijana Madjar, MA, Member  - RDA LUR
  • Ivan Stanič, Member - Municipality of Ljubljana
  • Marko Peterlin, Member - Institute for Spatial Planning Policy (IPOP)
  • Peter Lovšin, Member - Urbania d.o.o.
  • Zoran Vitorovič, Member - Municipality of Domžale

Total costs of the project and the amount of public funding

RDA LUR applied for the project at the public tender within the framework of the Operative Program for the Strengthening of Regional development Potential for the Period 2007-2013 (development priorities »Development of Regions«) and acquired co-financing from the European Fund for Regional Development in the amount of 360,000 EUR and the remainder of the entire operation shall be co-financed by 22 municipalities from LUR, with 98,102 EUR from MOL. The value of the entire project is 535,000 EUR.

The start and finish date of the project regarding the decision on the allocation of funds

Project activities began in February 2008 and will finish in August 2009.


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