Expert Basis for Managing Public Transportation in the Region

Project Title

Expert Basis for Managing Public Transportation in the Region

A Brief Description of the Project

The project is important especially due to the encouraging of sustainable forms of transportation in the urban environment. One of the key goals of the project is that through understanding transportation and the need for public transportation, they shall acquire a basis for planning the corridors for public passenger transportation according to the development of settlement and activities in the region, which will enable economy and efficiency of public transportation.

Since Ljubljana has a lot of migration to the city via motor vehicles, it is necessary to redirect daily migration to use public transportation as much as possible.

The Expert Basis for Managing Public Transportation in the Region Project is inseparably connected with the Expert Basis for the Preparation of a Regional Spatial Plan.

Name of Beneficiary

Regional Development Agency of Ljubljana Urban Region


  • OMEGA CONSULT projektni management, d.o.o. (preparation of expert bases)

  • KORPUS d.o.o. (promotion)



  • OIKOS d.o.o.


Immediate Project Group


  • Miran Gajšek, MA, Project Manager - The City of Ljubljana
  • Lilijana Madjar, MA, Member - RDA LUR
  • dr. Mitja Pavliha, Member - Ministry of Spatial Planning
  • Marjan Krasnič, Member - Ministry of Transportation
  • Tone Peršak, Member - Municipality of Trzin
  • Ivan Stanič, Member - Municipality of Ljubljana

Total costs of the project and the amount of public funding

The RDA LUR submitted the project »Expert Basis for Managing Public Transportation in the Region« to the public tender within the framework of the Operative Program for Strengthening Regional Development Potential for the period 2007 – 2013 (development priorities »Development of Regions«) and acquired co-financing from the European Fund for Regional Development in the amount of 440,000 EUR and the remainder of the entire project shall be co-financed by 24 municipalities of LUR with MOL contributing 227,552 EUR. The value of the entire project is 863,000 EUR.

Start and finish dates of the project regarding the decision for the allocation of funds

According to the contract, the project deadline is expected to be 19 months after signing the contract or August 2009.

More on the project: Expert Basis for Managing Public Transportation in the Region

Presentation of project JPP LUR

Final report


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