Goals, activities and results of the project: Expert Basis for Managing Public Transportation in the Region

The basis for managing public passenger transportation in the region are the strategic objectives and measures, which are defined in the Regional Development Programme for the period 2007 – 2013:

  1. Functioning conurbation - on average, more than 80 % of people will have access to public areas and public transport within 300 meters of air distance by 2013.
  2. The added value per employee will increase by 10 % by 2013.
  3. To become Region with a European capital, with the highest quality of life in Europe

The goals, which we would like to achieve in the area of transportation include:

  1. reduction of air pollution caused by means of transportation;

  2. reduction of noise pollution caused by means of transportation;

  3. improvement of transportation safety;

  4. reduction of greenhouse gas emissions due to traffic;

  5. alleviation of traffic jams to a reasonable level;

  6. reduction in the differences amongst citizens regarding mobility in accordance with their financial situation as well as their social status;

  7. preserve and increase opportunities for travel for all citizens and follow the needs according to the mobility of citizens.

Main activities of the project include:

  1. an agreement on the goals of sustainable transportation in LUR in connection with neighbouring regions;

  2. an accessibility analysis of public content;

  3. preparation of PPT plan;

  4. a proposal for the implementation of a unified timetable and payment system;

  5. establishment of a regional regulatory body for PPT.

The main results of the project shall include:

  1. a higher level of awareness of the PPT problem by experts and the general public;

  2. support for solving the PPT LUR problem with measures for PPT from the expert and general public;

  3. preferences and opinions of passengers and potential users of PPT;

  4. a multimodal model for passenger transportation;

  5. PPT plan in LUR;

  6. proposal of a unified timetable;

  7. proposal of a unified payment system;

  8. a proposal for co-financing studies and the implementation of the project using EU funds;

  9. a draft of the act of incorporation for the regional regulatory body and proposals for amendments in legislation.

More on the project: Expert Basis for Managing Public Transportation in the Region

(Project Presentation JPP LUR 0905.pdf)


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