CRE:HUB: Policies for cultural creative industries






Policies for cultural CREative industries: the HUB for innovative regional development




CRE:HUB overall objective is to improve 8 programmes for Investment for Growth and Jobs (TO3) to support creation and development of new SMEs in CC sector at regional and national level, thanks to fruitful cooperation  among regions with different level of capacities and experiences in CCIs supporting policies.

CRE:HUB will concretely result in improvements of the management of policy instruments addressed (way to organise calls, select projects; coordination among regional policy instruments at regional/interregional level; new methodology for monitoring/evaluating policies),in implementation of new projects and in change of some OPs addressed. Policy changes will be tailored to meet specific CCIs needs (partnership creation, collaborations with different productive sectors, internationalization, entrepreneurial capacities, access to credit, etc.).


CCIs regional/SWOT analysis - analysis of main regional experiences and lessons learnt;          

Roadmaps to integrate lessons learnt; Study visits; Working sessions of policy stakeholder groups;

On field evaluations/peer reviews of CCIs regional policy systems; Common system of monitoring and evaluation of CCI policies;                                                                            

Action plans to implement policy changes; Policy recommendations;

Interregional events.

Project partners:

  • Basilicata Region, Italija (vodilni partner)
  •  Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italija
  • Regional Development Agency Centru, Romunija
  • Central Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency  Nonprofit Ltd.
  • Madžarska; University of Latvia, Latvija
  • Culture Tourism and Institutional relation department of the Government of Navarra, Španija
  •  ADDICT – Creative Industries Portugal, Portugalska
  • Regionalna razvojna agencija Ljubljanske urbane regije (RRA LUR)  


Total budget:                                             1.514.919,00 EUR

Total budget of RRA LUR                            180.485,00 EUR   

Cofinancing EU (85%):                                153.412,25 EUR

Contribution of RRA LUR (15%):                  27.072,75  EUR

Time Frame:

Phase 1/ 1. 4. 2016 – 30. 9. 2018 (30 mesecev), Phase 2/ 1. 10. 2018 – 30. 9. 2020 (24 mesecev)                                                                                              


Tina Pezdirc Nograšek, RRA LUR, tel.: +386 1 306 19 21, e-mail: tina.pezdirc(at)