Presentation of the Ljubljana Urban Region

The Ljubljana Urban Region with the capital city of Ljubljana connects 26 municipalities with approximately 500 000 inhabitants. If we know that according to size this is a good tenth of Slovenia's territory, it is instantaneously obvious that we are in the most densely populated part of the country. And not only this: the biggest concentration of human resources, knowledge, and entrepreneurship is located here – as well as opportunities, whether in capital or in the creative environment.

The region's fast growth also brings complications and challenges alongside the opportunities, which have to be solved simultaneously. The city with its suburban settlements and natural environment is more and more intertwined with the inter-city region. Cohabitation within the natural and urban environment offers opportunities for very contemporary solutions and development, which respect humane, ecological and environmentally-friendly standards. Entrepreneurship and culture, ecology and spatial planning and numerous other forms of living and operations invite new developmental potential, investments and people.



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